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Check out the latest in workers’ compensation and workplace safety.

Prioritizing Workplace Safety in Healthcare Facilities

Developing and maintaining an active risk management program can be a challenge for any employer. Healthcare facilities are no different and face many of the same obstacles that other industries are challenged with overcoming.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

In most healthcare facilities, falls are the second leading cause of workplace injury and the primary cause of lost work days.

Winter Weather Fall Prevention

Most of us think of falls as embarrassing. If we fall and are not hurt, we look around in hopes no one has seen us. We don’t often think of fall prevention. Learn winter weather fall prevention tips to keep you safe on ice and snow.

Safe Driving in Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather is quite challenging in a number of ways due to snow, sleet, black ice, freezing rain, and extremely cold temperatures.

Read More About Hope For Employers

Hope for Employers: The Impact of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and Compulsory Medical Examinations

Sue Simons, Staff Attorney, for RAS was featured as a guest blogger for Boyce Law Firm, LLP.

Read More about Protecting Workers from Heat-Related Illness

Protecting Workers from Heat-Related Illness

Lori Berdahl, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, discusses how to protect workers from heat exhaustion in this article for MED magazine.

Read More About Industrial Athletes

What is an Industrial Athlete?

Kelly Marshall, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, wrote an article for MED magazine. Learn how employers can shift their focus from treating their employees simply as a producer of goods or services to treating them like the Industrial Athlete they truly are.

Read More About Smartphone Ergonomics

Smartphone Ergonomics Here’s How to Protect Your Neck, Back, and Hands

Jeff Roach, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, wrote an article for MED magazine. With more people now owning a smartphone, along with increased use of the devices for both work and leisure activities, it is not surprising to see ergonomic issues develop.