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We’re passionate about providing the products and services that make your work life easier. We support you with training, industry expertise, and programs that generate a healthy, safe, and productive workplace. By making you our focus, we work with you as a true partner in mitigating loss and handling the complexity of workers’ compensation insurance and issues.

Insured Portal

Report a claim with assigned Portal Access

Report a Claim

With policy number only

Questions regarding portal access or reporting a claim, please contact 800.732.1486.

The RAS Insured Portal offers a spectrum of online tools and services to help our insureds manage their workers’ compensation insurance.

Auto Pay

  • Billing Information
  • Set Up Recurring or One-Time Payments

Claims Management

  • Report Claims
  • Check Claims Status
  • Read Claim Notes


  • View and Download Your Policy

Resource Hub Information

  • Tip Sheets
  • Return to Work Information
  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Loss Runs
  • Account Overview
  • Claim Summary
  • Claim Data in Excel


Please call our Claims Support Center at 877.585.1117 during normal business hours if you have questions.


Complete the First Report of Injury form and email it to RAS at


Complete the First Report of Injury form and fax us at 605.361.4121.

Employers FAQs

You have questions. We have answers.

My employee reported a workplace injury. How do I know if I should report the injury to RAS?

RAS recommends reporting all injuries immediately. As part of the claim investigation process, our claims examiners will complete a thorough investigation to gather the information necessary to determine claim compensability. By reporting all injuries, however small, as soon as possible, you help ensure that a minor injury doesn’t turn into a major headache.

How do I report a work-related injury?

You should report all claims within 24 hours of receipt of notification of an injury.

Please have these items available prior to reporting:

  • Injured Worker’s DOB
  • Injured Worker’s SSN
  • Injured Worker’s cell phone
  • Any treatment received or expected
  • Witness information
  • Any concerns you would like addressed in the investigation

I submitted a claim, why haven’t I received a call from RAS?

RAS is committed to making life simpler, more convenient, and more efficient for our customers with the use of the latest technology. We understand the desire to minimize contact for incident only or minor treatment claims. Letters are sent with directions to call 800.732.1486 x 5566 or e-mail the RAS Claims Care Center at with any questions or to report lost time or the need to seek additional medical treatment.

As a result of the sophisticated rules that we have set up to monitor these claims, we are able to close these claims after they are assigned. While the claims are quickly closed, we want to assure you that our Claims Care Center is monitoring to ensure all bills are promptly paid and to connect you with an experienced representative if the need arises.

This process allows us to increase service levels and guarantee an immediate response to any inquiries from providers, insureds, or injured workers.

My employee presented restrictions from their medical provider. How do I accommodate?

Research shows that employees recover more quickly on the job. From the start make it clear that you are counting on the injured employee to contribute whatever they can to the company during their recuperation. Look for ways to adjust work temporarily. Some ideas include: (a) having the employee do their regular job, but rearranging the work station, assign someone else to do the tasks that put the most demand on the injured body part, (b) taking more frequent breaks or shortening the work day, (c) a special project, (d) helping out another group or department, (e) work that no one has ever found time to do, (f) refresher training or cross-training. Contact the experts at RAS to help.

How can I aid in the recovery of my injured employee?

The way you respond to this injured or ill employee may make them eager to get back to work or make them decide to stall as long as possible–or even to contact a lawyer immediately. Respond to the employee the same way you would want someone to respond to you if you were feeling vulnerable–kindly, helpfully, and firmly. Convey empathy and concern on behalf of your company. Your employee may remember it forever and tell others what you did. Make those stories good ones! Why not rally around this person the same way you do when co-workers have a car accident, surgery, or trauma in the family? Actions that speak louder than words include: (a) sending a get well card signed by co-workers and the boss, (b) having someone offer help with things that are hard for the injured worker to do now, such as pick up the kids at childcare, drive to work, mow the lawn or shovel the sidewalk. The company’s kindness will naturally make them feel like they want to repay you–by coming back to work.