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Easy Electronic Payment


You can receive payments electronically. We are pleased to partner with Zelis Payments (formerly Pay-Plus® Solutions, Inc.). This partnership provides us with the latest in secure e-payment technology to accelerate and add efficiency to our payment process.

To get started, visit: Zelis.

Benefits of Electronic Payments Include:

  • Shortened Revenue Cycle— Receive payment 11-14 days faster than with checks
  • Improved Data Quality— Remittance data is extracted directly from the payer for detailed, balanced, and error-free 835s and EOPs
  • Increased Accuracy— Our consolidated and aggregated payment solutions reduce manual entry to increase accuracy
  • Exceptional Service— Dedicated service includes data support, fraud monitoring, clearinghouse, and bank assistance
  • Aggregated Data— Receive one 835 file for all payers, eliminating multiple data feeds in varying formats
  • Simplified Processes— Our single sign-on portal simplifies managing multiple client TINs


Submit Bills Electronically/Medical E-billing

E-Billing Partner: WorkCompEDI Clearinghouse

800.297.6906 ext. 1015

Payor ID: CB293